an old farmer, and a regular at Wrafton's Inn


Eilian is an old farmer, and a regular at the Inn. He has a farm down in the valley along the Old King’s Road, but is at Wrafton’s at his usual table in the corner, every night. He loves to talk, and welcomes your questions.

He likes a good story, and a good drink even more. He and

“You knew Douven? I always wondered what happened to him! He had questions about the old burial site southwest of the village. Thought a dragon might be buried there! I told him it was probably just an old trash heap, but he wouldn’t hear of it, no sir! Well, of course I gave him directions to the place. I am something of a historian of the area, you know! Oh yes, Douven! Well, he took my directions, and we haven’t seen him since. I do hope the poor man is all right!”

On a worn piece of parchment, Eilian draws the same map for you that he drew for Douven.


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